Skype Now Warming 70 Million Android Devices

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If you're a user of an Android device and you regularly see faces talking to you from your smartphone or tablet, you're far from being the only person with this condition. Well, for clarity's sake, hopefully you see those faces on your device because you're using Skype and not because you're lonely and talking to your own reflection in the touchscreen. However, given that Skype has now passed the 70 million downloads mark, odds are that you're using the wildly popular video calling app instead of imaging you were.

Skype's been on a steady trajectory of conquering the lands of video calling, and this latest milestone makes Skype the most popular video-calling app on the Android platform. Further, not content with merely being the most popular, Skype is motioning for absolutely authority over Android video calls as the app is now available for 1,384 Android-powered devices.

It hasn't taken Skype very long to climb to the top of the Android mountain as the app hasn't even been available on the platform for a whole two years yet. Certainly, the expansion of 3G availability has made Skype a more viable service as users can use the app across different operating systems and devices to send photos, video, and files to friends and associates. Skype's also pretty nifty when it comes to keeping the cost low on long distance and international calls, and given that there are 250 million Skypers out there in the world, surely you'll know at least one person you can reach out and Skype to.

Absorb more Skype for Android factoids in the infographic below.

Skype for Android

[Via Skype's Official Blog.]

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