Skylar Diggins Jersey Retirement Ceremony Goes Awry At High School Alma Mater


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What was initially supposed to be a night of commemoration for WNBA star Skylar Diggins quickly turned into a night of brawling!

According to Prep Rally, on Saturday, Dec. 28, the Tulsa Shock guard actually ventured back to her hometown of South Bend, IN to attend a game at her alma-mater, Washington High School.

Diggins was to be honored at the game, as the school prepared to retire her high school basketball jersey.

The third overall draft pick was actually just a spectator at the game against Oregon-Davis High School. However, the game took a wild turn when Oregon-Davi player Leni Minix shoved an opponent after the whistle was blown.

The Washington High School player responded with a forceful hit that sent Minix straight to the floor, as coaches and spectators rushed the court.

A number of fans insisted that Diggins fueled the fight, as tempers continued to flair. Then, Minix's cousin, Kelsey Minix took to Twitter and began firing off at Diggins.

In her tweets, she accused Diggins of mouthing off at the Oregon-Davis players. She also felt that referees were officiating calls in Washington's favor, simply because Diggins was being honored at the game. However, her tweets were deleted soon after.


While Diggins didn't entertain the tweets, she did post one reply. Although her statement was short, it spoke volumes. Diggins actually admitted that she defended her family members, and has no intentions of apologizing.

The incident obviously had no negative effects on Diggins' blow-out success this season. Diggins is currently signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports, and was named to the WNBA All-Rookie team for her laudable first professional basketball season.

Diggins has also been involved in a number of charitable projects around the Tulsa, OK area. One of her most notable efforts was her visit to McLain High School in Tulsa where she personally delivered 14 pairs of brand new sneakers to the girls basketball team.

Image via Twitter | Skylar Diggins  DeadSpin Blog