Skyhook Wireless Sues Google

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Two days ago, Skyhook Wireless issued a press release titled "Skyhook Adds Location Engine to Layar App for Android."  Now, however, things aren't so cozy between Skyhook and Google, as the former company's sued the latter for business interference and patent infringement.

Skyhook is kind of a big deal in the location-based app space.  It used to be partners with Apple, and has also sealed deals with AOL, Navteq, and Samsung (among other organizations) since it was founded in 2003.

As for why Skyhook is pursuing Google, Stacey Higginbotham reported this afternoon, "In the lawsuit alleging interference, Skyhook claims that Google took advantage of its relationship with handset manufacturers, including Motorola, to block Skyhook's positioning software from running on the device, which interfered with Skyhook's contracts with Motorola and cost Skyhook millions."

Furthermore, "In its second lawsuit, Skyhook alleges that Google is infringing on four of its patents, and requests an injunction on Google's Wi-Fi location software as well as damages."

This could be an interesting fight, considering that Skyhook may have a fair amount of money to pursue the matter and obviously isn't just a professional troll. 

Anyway, Skyhook, which is based in Boston, filed its suits in the Massachusetts Superior Court and the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, and we'll be sure to report any significant updates as the cases move forward.

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