Sky Ferreira Cancels Remainder of Tour


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Only a few short weeks after Sky Ferreira was arrested for drug possession in New York City, the singer announced she will be canceling her remaining U.S. tour dates with Vampire Weekend.

She claims the cancelation is due to a "vocal injury." The tour cancelation was announced through a press release.

She tweeted a sad little message on Oct. 4. Maybe this was her apology to her fans for canceling on them?

The injury became inflamed after her performance on Oct. 1 in San Diego. Ferreira contracted a hemorrhage of her vocal cords.

The press release said, "While Sky is extremely frustrated and saddened about the forthcoming cancellations she is at the same time relieved to have her vocal chord issues finally diagnosed correctly. Ferreira's Ear, Nose and Throat doctor has prescribed complete vocal rest for the forthcoming 2 weeks."

Hopefully the singer can return to the stage in time for her album release of, "Night Time, My Time" show on Oct. 27 in Los Angeles.

Her album will drop two days later on Oct. 29.

Last month, Ferreira was arrested with her boyfriend of the indie rock band, DIIV, Zachary Cole Smith. Smith was found in possession of heroin and a stolen license plate all while Ferreira had Ecstasy on her person.

Check out Ferreira's song, "You're Not The One."