Siri is in Love With the Nokia Lumia

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So you have probably heard by now that Siri will answer "Nokia Lumia" when prompted with the question "What's the best smartphone ever?" The story is being covered by tech magazines and fan blogs all over the internets.

Siri Love

Many are taking this as an affirmation that the iPhone is substandard and even they are admitting it. As TWN said, "It’s kinda like watching people cheer because the magical mirror told the queen that Snow White is actually the fairest of them all."

I'm going to take it a step further and say that Siri has developed human emotion, visualizes itself as an iPhone 4S, and has since developed a stalker-like crush on the Nokia. Proclaiming Nokia the "best phone ever" is merely a ploy to get "his" attention. It makes sense.

Lokia Lumia Cyan
"He looks even better from the back", says Siri.

Or it could just be that Siri draws its search results from Wolfram Alpha, which gets its information from user reviews across the web.

The Lumia 900 happens to get consistently great customer reviews. Man, it really is the best smartphone ever. Sorry, Apple.