Siri For Dummies Has The Low-Down On All Those Easter Eggs

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Like any woman, Siri's heart is a vast and complex landscape that's unable to be fully understood by a large portion of the population. But unlike a real woman's heart, there is now a For Dummies guide to Siri.

Yep, for those of you who want to get the most out of your personal voice assistant and have yet to discover all her secrets, the now-ubiquitous reference series has just unveiled their newest guide. Apparently, Siri is useful enough to warrant 192 pages of instruction.

According to author Marc Saltzman, his book will "pull back the curtain on Siri to reveal everything your trusty intelligent assistant is capable of doing." This includes using Siri to keep your calendar, schedule appointments, crank out the tunes, get the weather, etc. The book also includes a section on all of those Easter Eggs hidden inside the software, those interesting responses that gained a lot of attention when Apple first unveiled the product.

Siri has received mixed reviews in its first year on the market. Although a recent survey suggests that a majority of iPhone users are either satisfied or very satisfied with the product, we've seen multiple lawsuits filed against Apple on the basis on false advertising. Those lawsuits basically contend that Siri sucks, and Apple deceived users with their advertising blitz. They claim that Apple falsely promoted capabilities that the voice assistant simply cannot perform reliably.

Although Siri just got Japanese support, language has been a huge issue with her since launch. English users with non-American accents, particularly Scottish, Japanese, and Australian, have reported that Siri just doesn't understand them. That shortcoming has been the target of plenty of interest jest.

Maybe if people were more familiar with all of Siri's capabilities, they would be more apt to user her on a daily basis. Or maybe Siri just isn't the game-changer that we were marketed. What do you think? Are you still using Siri? Let us know in the comments.

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