Single Player Story For Battlefield 4 Gets A Trailer, Too

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Believe it or not, modern combat-based first-person shooters still have single player stories and gameplay options available. Well, at least these developer houses play lip service to the option, with varying results. In fact, one of the bigger criticisms about Battlefield 3 focuses on the solo offering. Basically, the online play was great, the single player option a little less so. Considering that the Battlefield franchise was created with its focus on the online multiplayer aspect, with the single player serving as little more than a familiarity ground, perhaps this should have been understood.

Whatever the case, perhaps the criticisms resonated because members of the creative team indicate more attention will be paid to the single player experience in BF4.

Perhaps eager to silence the critics--something good content normally does--Dice and EA even went out of their way to focus one of their lavishly-produced trailers on the single player storyline, which leads this post. The game's cinematics look fantastic, and Battlefield's gameplay is usually tight--something the recent multiplayer beta confirmed--but the plot probably isn't anything new. Create reasons to move troops around various hotspots around the globe and let the battle commence. Rinse, repeat. That isn't a bad thing, either, especially if the action and gameplay is fast, furious, and really responsive.

Considering Dice's track record with creating fantastic combat-based gameplay, the single player should be fine. It might even be really good, if it's as important to the developers as they indicate it is. Regarding the trailer, be on the look out for the dog-punching scene

It's nice to see Dice's penchant for poking fun at the Call of Duty series remains intact. Oh, and the fact that Michael K. Williams voices the single player story's lead character, SSgt Graves, is a significant positive regarding fan reception.

[Lead image courtesy of EA]

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