Silver Medal Amounts to "Disgracing the Motherland" for One Chinese Olympian

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I think it's safe to say that for most Olympians, winning a Silver medal is a joyous experience. Sure, you may feel a bit disappointed in not taking home the Gold, but I doubt most athletes would feel as though they've let down their entire country with a second place performance.

The exception, apparently, is in China. The country is currently in the lead in both total medals and Gold medals, but one Chinese Olympian is less than thrilled about his contribution to the cause. Weightlifter Wu Jingbiao had nothing but tears to give after grabbing the Silver in Men's 56kg.

This clip of Wu in an interview following his runner-up performance is going viral - and it's no wonder. It shows the olympian overcome with emotion, crying into the arms of the reporter. Remember guys, he just won a Silver medal at the Olympics!

According to Bloomberg, here's part of what Wu said during the interview:

“I’m ashamed for disgracing the motherland, the Chinese weightlifting team and all those who supported me. I’m sorry!”

It's terrible to see someone so torn up, feeling that they've shamed an entire nation. It's even more unfortunate when it's a medal winner who's so disappointed.

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