Sikh Temple Gunman Identified as a Veteran With Ties to Hate Groups

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The gunman who shot and killed six people at a Sikh temple on Sunday has been identified as Wade Michael Page. According to unnamed Fox News sources, Page is a veteran of the U.S. Army who was once stationed at Fort Bragg. According to Reuters, the man also had ties to hate groups.

Page drove to the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in a suburb of Milwaukee on Sunday and opened fire on worshipers with a 9mm pistol, which CNN reports he legally owned. Six people died and three others were injured, including a police officer. Page himself was killed by a police officer, ending his rampage.

The motivation behind Page's attack is not entirely known, though he had vague ties to hate and neo-Nazi groups. Reuters reports that over a decade ago he tried to "buy goods" from a neo-Nazi organization called the National Alliance.

Page was also a member of a band called End Apathy. The band's MySpace page is still available, including pictures of Page playing with the band. According to the band's MySpace bio, its music was "a sad commentary on our sick society and the problems that prevent true progress. Reuters quotes Heidi Beirich, the director of the intelligence project at the Montgomery, Alabama Southern Poverty Law Center, as saying End Apathy was a "racist skinhead band."

An interview with Page was published by the Uprise Direct blog in 2010. In the interview, Page described the lyrics he wrote as being about "sociological issues, religion, and how the value of human life has been degraded by being submissive to tyranny and hypocrisy that we are subjected to." According to Page, the band was created in 2005 so that he could "figure out what it would take to actually accomplish positive results in society and what is holding us back."

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