Should The iPad 3 Be Named After Steve Jobs?

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It's official - the iPad will be launching this week as Apple preps for the launch event on March 7. The only piece of the puzzle that remains is what Apple is going to name the new iPad. While leaks and reports are suggesting it will be called the iPad HD, a lot of people seem to think it should be named after the late Steve Jobs.

Mobilesplease, a UK-based service that compares phones, has conducted a survey asking consumers what the new iPad name should be. A whopping 87 percent of respondents thought that the name should in some way reference Jobs. Many people feel that it would be a fitting tribute to the man who helped Apple carve its way to the top of the consumer tech industry.

The remaining 13 percent was split between people being undecided and those that felt it was inappropriate to name a device after a person. I fall squarely into the latter, but only because any kind of device that incorporated Steve Jobs into its name would go against Apple's way of giving their devices very simple names. I think that Jobs himself would hate the idea of having a name like iPad Jobs or any other name one could think of.

Regardless, we'll find out on Wednesday what the name of the iPad 3 is going to be. We'll be covering it so be sure to check back here for all the details.

Would you want an iPad 3 named after Steve Jobs? Or are there better ways to memorialize the late Apple founder?
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