Should Scrabble Add 'Selfie' to the Official Dictionary?

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Scrabble and Merriam-Webster are about to publish the first new edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary in over 9 years, and they want Facebook users to vote on one word that they must have included.

Fans of the game have until March 28th to cast their vote for the word that they most want added to the new edition of the dictionary. They can do this by nominating words in the comments section of this post, as well as liking their favorite "new" words.

As of right now, some of the suggested words include "selfie," "photobomb," "emoji," and "amazeballs."

I vote OK to "selfie," I mean, it was the word of the year in 2013. I think I'm done with scrabble if my friends are able to play amazeballs–however, given the fact that it's a 10 letter word, that would be quite the impressive play. Please god, anything but "twerk."

"The Scrabble Word Showdown will let fans nominate and vote on words that are fun and relevant for today's players," said Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of marketing at Hasbro. "We are excited to see which word rises to the top and makes its way into The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary."

Scrabble and Merriam-Webster haven't update the official Scrabble Players Dictionary in a long time–the fourth edition was published way back in June of 2005. At that time, they added a couple of words that I'm sure have made your Scrabble experiences a lot more enjoyable- "qi" and "za."

It's kind of a bummer that they're only letting the fans choose one new word–especially considering the fifth edition of the players dictionary will sport "thousands" of new words. But hey–this is a challenge ripe for manipulation. I know a few online communities with the ability to sway a vote. Start scouting urban dictionary for your favorite words, reddit.

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