ShopVisible Launches Social Commerce Platform On Facebook

IT Management

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Ecommerce company ShopVisible has launched a new platform called ShopVisible Social Commerce which allows people to research and browse retailers products on Facebook and then purchase items without having to leave the social network.

“This is not just about accepting a payment or posting a product, it is complete contextual sharing and collaborating that results in transactions and sales in Facebook. ShopVisible has created a comprehensive platform that not only lets consumers make purchases within Facebook, but also gives retailers the power of a full-scale ecommerce platform within the social network,” said Sean Cook, CEO of ShopVisible.




“This is truly unique in that brands and retailers can now have the same kind of functionality and flexibility they have come to expect on their primary website – from font style and logos to analytics and CRM functionality – to their Facebook pages .”

Key features of ShopVisible Social Commerce include:

*The ability to integrate with any existing ecommerce platform or be used as a stand alone platform fro Facebook.

*The ability for retailers to track campaigns and measure ROI.

*Data protection for both retailers and consumers.

*Allows retailers to control the look and feel of their Facebook commerce site along with uploading audio and video.

*Users can find and navigate products within Facebook, write and share reviews, and compare products.