Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues [Infographic]


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Those who are in the e-commerce business will tell you shopping cart abandonment is major issue. Online shoppers put items in their cart as they are shopping on a particular site, but don't complete the sale more than 65% of the time, on average. To some extent this is just part of the business. On the other hand, their are many things that cause consumers to abandon the sale or give up on trying to complete it.

This next infographic from Invesp.Com explores the issue of online shopping cart abandonment and the issues that make it more likely. Like I already mentioned, over 65% of shoppers actually abandon their carts. The average value of an online checkout is about $117. So overtime someone leaves without purchasing their items you could be losing over $100. So there's a lot of opportunity there.

Some of the most common reasons for leaving the cart behind include high shipping costs, not ready for the purchase, and still considering and will come back later. There's not really too much you do there, unless your just plain asking to much fro your products. This next group however, has opportunity written all over it.

Many abandon their cart because shipping prices were not clearly spelled out before checkout, there was no guest checkout option, the checkout required too much information, the checkout process was too complex, or the website was too slow. Essentially, these are all things which could be controlled. These are all items that are irritating cutovers rather than making it easy to purchase.

If your livelihood depends on online shoppers, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Sometimes fixing what isn't broken does pay off. Remember, everyone who doesn't abandon their cart will be putting more money in your pocket.