Shopify Makes it Even Easier for Merchants to Sell on Amazon

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Shopify has been quite busy making things even better for their sellers this year. Much like its recent announcement about a marketplace integration with eBay, Shopify revealed a similar integration with Amazon.

The integration would allow US merchants to set up listings in seven new merchandise categories straight from Shopify. What's more, it will also provide sellers support for the Amazon Brand Registry.

New Amazon Categories for Shopify

In the past, Shopify users were only allowed to list from their Shopify site to Amazon's Clothing and Accessories group. With the new integration, users now have support for categories like Beauty and Personal Care, Health and Household, Home and Kitchen, Patio and Garden, Toys and Games, Sewing, Arts and Crafts, and Sports and Outdoors.

This is a great development for Shopify sellers with multiple channels, particularly with the holidays fast approaching. The seven categories are undoubtedly popular during the holiday season and integration will help generate more opportunities to close sales.

Additional Support for Brand Registry

Amazon also rolled out an update for their Brand Registry. Shopify sellers on Amazon can secure their brand better now as the Brand Registry provides a faster way to list their items. Sellers who want to utilize the registry can simply add the brands they registered on Amazon in Shopify to easily set up and organize listings.

Sellers have long asked for this feature as the Amazon Brand Registry not only protects product makers and brand owners, it also makes listing on the site go more smoothly for brand owners. For instance, an Amazon Brand Registered merchant is given total control of their listings and does not need UPC/EAN codes. And since the feature is now live, merchants can develop their Brand Registered listings without having to leave the Shopify site.

It should be pointed out that these updates are currently available for U.S customers only. However, other channels are expected to follow. While there's no extra Shopify fees for selling products on Amazon, merchants still need to sign up for an Amazon Professional Seller account in order to use the Amazon Integration feature.

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