Shonda Rhimes Honored At Women in Entertainment Breakfast


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Shonda Rhimes has created some of the most popular shows on television and she was recently honored for these shows at the Hollywood Reporter's 23rd annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast.

At the event, Rhimes was presented with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, the annual prize created in 2004 that recognizes a woman who is a pioneer and a leader in her industry.

Lansing talked about Rhimes’ shows and her achievements saying,

"I am a huge fan of Shonda's, I'm totally addicted to Scandal — and I think all of us are. Shonda has redefined the role of women in television, and, in doing so, society as well. She has given us complex and diverse characters and she has made all of us want to be Gladiators. Thank you for accepting this award; it means a great deal to me and I am truly honored."

Tony Goldwyn, who is one of the main actors in the Scandal series, introduced Rhimes and recalled the first time he met her.

"Every day I am amazed by the force of her intellect, her clarity of focus, her humor, her compassion and her ability to spin stories that are fantastically, addictively entertaining," said Goldwyn. "And at the same time deeply, sometimes uncomfortably real and emotionally honest. I have had the honor of watching Shonda redefine the television landscape with creation of so many beautiful, brilliant, dynamic, powerful, and empowering female characters. That is why she is so deserving of the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award."

Rhimes’ shows have given women a lot more diverse and complicated roles and her shows have huge fan followings.

Everyone is waiting to see what she will come up with next.