"Shitter" Lets You Put Those Unfunny Tweets Where They Belong: The Toilet

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Let's imagine a scenario:

You're sitting (comfortably I might add) in your recliner watching last week's Mad Men on DVR when suddenly, it hits you. So you leap (carefully) from your chair and rush down the hall to the bathroom. You sit down only to realize that you've forgotten your smartphone. What are you expected to do? Read the back of the shampoo bottle like some sort of heathen?

Now, there's another choice. You could read some of your favorite tweets without even needing your smartphone. And after you read those favorite tweets, you can promptly wipe your ass with them.

Okay, so you might want to choose some of your least-regarded tweets for the purposes of this new service. It's called "Shitter," and it is launching today.

Shitter is simple but brilliant. It allows you to design your own custom toilet paper, printed with the tweets of your choice. Once you visit the site, you'll be asked to allow access to your Twitter account. From there, you choose what stream of tweets you want printed on your rolls of TP. You can get your own tweets, someone else's tweets, your tweet stream, your favorited tweets, or even the tweets from a list you've created.

"Social media has never been more disposable," they say. They obviously haven't seen some of the Twitter feeds I've seen.

Collector's Edition proudly presents @getshitter - Twitter on toilet paper. Social media has never been so disposable! http://t.co/GwHozrEc 2 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Launch day! We're stoked (shitting ourselves perhaps?) to finally be sharing http://t.co/NdvR4amO with the world! 2 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@howardlindzon @benpopper Our @getshitter valuation is easily into the double-digit cents now, look out Facebook IPO! 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Each order of 4 customized rolls will cost you $35 (+ shipping and taxes) - and they ship internationally.

Sometimes it's the simplest idea that ends up paying off. Who wouldn't want to wipe themselves with that unfunny tweet your friend made the other night? I know I would. And with 75% of Americans using their smartphones on the toilet, it's highly likely that the tweet that you end up flushing down the toilet was actually tweeted while on the toilet. What a beautiful circle of life.

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