Shirley Jones Wants To Skydive For Her 80th Birthday


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Happy Birthday Shirley Jones!

One of America's favorite matriarchs has been trending on the internet for the past couple of days. No, there aren't any plans for a Partridge Family reunion tour. Instead, the 80-year-old grandmother of 12 wants to follow in the footsteps of former President George Bush.

The Academy Award winning actress has big plans for her milestone 80th birthday celebration, and it's not just an attempt to blow out all 80 candles.

Jones wants to skydive. She got the idea after seeing President Bush take the plunge for his 85th birthday. "That's something I wanted to do all my life." She added, "When I saw him do it I thought, `Wow, if he can do this, I can."

Jones said that she wanted to skydive today which is the actual day she turns 80. No word yet on whether she took the plunge or not. If she does, she will not be jumping out of the plane alone. All first time skydivers jump in tandem with a trained professional.

What does her family think of Jones' desire for danger? She said her son, Shaun Cassidy, didn't understand and wondered why someone her age would want to do so something so dangerous. And although the former Broadway veteran can see his point, she's not letting age or her arthritis get in the way of scratching off an item on her to-do list.

Image via Wikimedia Commons