Shirley Bassey Criticizes Beyonce's Skimpy Outfit At Met Gala

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Beyonce might have had people fawning over the barely-there gown she wore at the Met Gala, but Dame Shirley Bassey is not impressed.

But it’s not just Jay-Z’s better half who earned the ire of the legendary singer, it’s every single diva today who seems to be more focused on showing off their skin than their talent.

The “Diamonds are Forever” singer was in London recently for the Shooting Star book launching and took the opportunity to advise younger singers to choose more modest outfits and leave the provocative stuff on the stage.

To say that the James Bond hit maker was shocked would be an understatement.

“When I saw the Met Ball the other night – and Beyonce’s gown – I was like, “Excuse me?"

She was undoubtedly talking about the infamous sheer dress that the “Beautiful Liar” singer wore. Viewers could clearly see that Beyonce ditched her underwear and just relied on some cleverly clustered jewels to protect what little was left of her modesty.

And after being inundated with other sheer dresses from the likes of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, it’s no wonder the 78-year-old commented that "it's like they're all in competition with each other for who can wear the skimpiest outfit.”

"In my day it was for the stage only, you didn't go out looking like that,” she added.

While she admits that some of her own dresses during her shows were considered risqué, she also “left a lot to the imagination. I didn't show everything."

Bassey added her voice to the growing number of people who are speaking out against this trend of celebrities trying to out-skimp each other, saying that it gives a bad impression for young people.

And instead of going down the X-rated way, Bassey wants talented female singers to “go in the studio and sing your heart out. Get a vocal coach and strengthen your vocal chords."

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