Shia LaBeouf: Actor Spends 24 Hours in Elevator Creating #Elevate--Performance Art?

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Shia LaBeouf. The name itself conjures images of a young actor gone bizarre. Once the star of Disney Channel's Even Stevens, his name now makes people think of his recent bouts of bad behavior and unusual means of creativity.

On Friday, Shia LaBeouf set out early in the morning to occupy an elevator at EC Oxford in the U.K. for a 24-hour period, in the name of "performance art." His only break from the elevator was a talk he gave at around the 12-hour point. The purpose of spending time in the elevator was to consider the ups and downs many celebrities experience in their careers. LaBeouf has certainly had his share.

Shia LaBeouf titled his performance art #Elevate. The entire thing was live-streamed on YouTube.

Entertainment Weekly reports Shia LaBeouf entered the elevator at 9 a.m. Friday, and remained there--riding up and down and talking with fellow riders--until 9 a.m. Saturday.At the time of EW's report, LaBeouf was riding up and down from floor to floor--not getting off, and sharing the elevator with fellow riders. Some of his fellow riders asked him questions.

“If you were a fruit, which would you be?” one person asked.

Another asked what the most interesting or fun or difficult moment in Shia LaBeouf’s life has been.

“The last couple years have been pretty interesting,” he said. “Just because it’s been a lot of turmoil and also a lot of positive. It’s been a lot of extremes. It’s been a very extreme couple years.”

Shia LaBeouf's picture should appear in the dictionary alongside the word "extreme." He appeared at last year's Berlin Film Festival wearing a paper bag on his head. He starred in a film called Nymphomaniac, where he had sex as the cameras rolled. In 2014 he was arrested when he interrupted a Broadway performance of Cabaret. In 2015 he was arrested for public intoxication. These examples of Shia LaBeouf's extremes are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Do you suppose Shia LaBeouf's performance art is a cry for help? Is the actor slowly, but surely losing his grasp on reality?

Shia LaBeouf hasn't completely given up his acting for performance art. He will soon appear on the big screen in American Honey, alongside Elvis Presley's granddaughter Riley Keough. It hits theaters later in 2016.

What thoughts run through your head when you think about Shia LaBeouf and his behavior in the past couple of years? What's your take on his latest form of performance art?

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