Sheryl Sandberg Talks Women and Leadership on The Daily Show

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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg dropped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wednesday night to promote her new book Lean In. The conversation mostly focused on her message in Lean In of equality in the workplace and changing how we think about successful women.

"The blunt truth: men still run the world...and I'm not sure that's going that well," said Sandberg of her desire to write the book.

She goes on to discuss the barriers women still have, and the "plateau" that exists near the top.

"We're held back by sexism, discrimination, and terrible public policy..but we're also held back by the stereotypes. You know, go to a playground this weekend and you'll hear little girls called "bossy." You won't hear little boys called bossy, because we expect boys to be assertive. Lean In is trying to change that. Instead of calling our girls bossy we should say 'my daughter has executive leadership skills."

Check out part 1:

And part 2:

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