Shatner Returns as the Priceline Negotiator

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In January, William Shatner's Priceline Negotiator was killed off, and Priceline ads began featuring a different spokesperson. In case you don't remember, the Priceline Negotiator met his doom in the act of saving a bus full of endangered tourists. Saving them from high prices on hotels, of course. Take a look at Shatner's funny, fiery death below:

That's certainly more spectacular than Kirk's Star Trek: Generations death. Following that ad, Priceline declared the Priceline Negotiator dead, and there were tears.

Much like Spock, however, the Priceline Negotiator is back from the dead. Priceline has released a new commercial featuring the suave haggler and his newer counterpart, a agent. During a clandestine meeting on a secluded beach, the Agent attempts to convince the Negotiator that he still has work to do:

How exactly the Priceline Negotiator survived the catastrophe on the bridge is unknown, and even Priceline said in a statement that no one knows for sure. Did he manage to grab onto the bridge at the last moment? Did the bus have an emergency transporter? Does Priceline have a hidden Genesis Device it was able to use to bring the Priceline Negotiator back from the dead? No matter how it happened or why, Shatner will be seen more often on TV screens across the U.S., and that's always a good thing. As long as he isn't singing an Elton John cover, that is.

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