Sharyl Attkisson Resigns From CBS News

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CBS News’ investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has resigned, and the announcement was made in a tweet. According to a spokesperson for CBS, Attkisson is leaving the network to pursue other endeavors.

For months, rumors have been circulating about Attkisson’s differences with the network. Last year, CBS News reported that the correspondent’s investigative pieces on Benghazi did not make The CBS Evening News with more regularity.

Attkisson has been highly praised by conservatives for her aggressive reporting on Benghazi issues. She has also been having friction with the network, as she sees the network to be biased towards liberals. A CBS News source also said that Attkisson felt that she was being kept from the evening news due to political considerations. Some of her work on stories, such as “Operation Fast and Furious,” Benghazi, and Obamacare did not make it on The CBS Evening News, but were placed on the CBS News website.

The investigative correspondent also made headlines when she declared that her computers have been hacked, and she said that it may be connected to her investigative work on the government. The network later confirmed that Attkisson’s computers were tampered with, but there was no mention of the ones responsible for the breach of privacy.

According to reports, Attkisson is currently working on a book called Stonewalled: One Reporter’s Fight for Truth in Obama’s Washington that will be out in November. On her Twitter account, she has been prolific in expressing the means that Obama administration officials go through to get information on matters, such as the Benghazi attacks.

Despite the ongoing clash between the correspondent and the news network, Attkisson said that her resignation from the network was amicable. In a statement, she said that it has been a great privilege working for CBS News and that she is sincerely grateful for the opportunities she has had with them.

Sonya McNair, the spokesperson for CBS News, says that the news network appreciates the contributions that Attkisson has made, and that they wish her well.

Image via Sharyl Attkisson, Twitter

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