Sharleen Joynt, Former Bachelor Contestant, Engaged

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Sharleen Joynt, the opera singer who quickly became a favorite on The Bachelor with Juan Pablo Galavis, is engaged to a better man.

Sharleen Joynt was looking for love in all the wrong places when she joined The Bachelor. I mean, she found Juan Pablo "ridiculously sexy", but couldn't hold a conversation with the guy.

Who could? That's sort of essential in a marriage, holding a conversation.

When Sharleen Joynt exited the show, she went on to bigger and better things.

Namely, Andy Levine.

Sharleen Joynt has shared her love with the world for a while on social media, but it was her joy to announce on Instagram that she and Andy Levine are engaged!

The caption on Sharleen Joynt's photo is sweet and eloquent.

She said, "I've always been a skeptic when it came to love. I've often wondered if there was a better fit for me out there. I've doubted my choices and focused on the imperfections. I've rarely been certain. But, I've never been more sure of anything in this world than I am of this love. Thank you, @machinelevine, for making me a believer. I love you."

My annual wintertime tradition, this time on Christmas Eve and with @machinelevine.

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Cold streets, warm hearts. @machinelevine

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Sharleen Joynt is definitely more sophisticated than many that come out of reality TV.

Fans of hers will be much more happy with the choice she's made in a man to spend her life with!

Congratulations to Sharleen Joynt and her new fiance!

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