Sharleen Joynt Finds Love Outside Of "The Bachelor"

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Sharleen Joynt, everyone's favorite Bachelor contestant from last season, has found love in the real world.

Sharleen Joynt brought feelings of glee to millions of viewers when she left Juan Pablo on her own terms.

That was amazing.

Sharleen Joynt admitted that she found him immensely attractive, as did everyone else.

However, Sharleen Joynt, being a down-to-earth opera singer, was simply looking for a little more.

Cold streets, warm hearts. @machinelevine

A photo posted by Sharleen Joynt (@sharleenjoynt) on

In short, she was disturbed by his inability to hold an intelligent conversation.

Well, Sharleen Joynt doesn't have to worry about that anymore.

This handsome man comes to Toronto tomorrow to visit me. Excited! #silverfox #nofilter #bioreboy

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She is engaged to normal guy Andy Levine. And they look super happy together.

He's no slouch in the looks department, either.

Sharleen Joynt was so happy that she posted a pic to Instagram in order to share her excitement with the world.

Her message is quite eloquent, and not at all like something composed by some former Bachelor contestants. Just putting that out there.

Sharleen Joynt and Andy Levine can now focus on planning a lovely wedding! So excited for her!

What do you think about Sharleen Joynt's engagement to a normal guy?

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