Sharks Escape Into Mall After Tank Breaks

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Sharks Escape Into Mall - that sounds like the perfect B-movie title, doesn't it? Too bad Hollywood can never be as creative as reality when it comes to the kind of stories that exemplify the phrase "Truth is stranger than fiction."

RT reports that 15 people were injured when a tank containing three lemon sharks, dozens of other fish species and turtles exploded on December 19. Those injured suffered cuts and bruises caused by the 15-centimeter thick glass. All three sharks died shortly thereafter due to a lack of oxygen. The other fish presumably died as well, but the turtles should be alright.

The aquarium was installed two years ago, so why did it suddenly break now? Some customers speculated that a sudden drop in temperature was the cause. The police are currently investigating, however, and an official cause will be forthcoming.

As for the management that built the aquarium in the first place, they said that they will not build another aquarium again. It's obvious why after the potential for lawsuits from customers and the loss of expensive assets. Those sharks probably didn't come cheap.

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