Sharks Are Trying to Eat Your Internet

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Here's a scary shark week story for you.

Under the sea, there is internet – or at least the internet's transport system. Ok, so let's go with 'internet'.

Anyway, there are around 200 fiber optic cables in this undersea network that transports data across the world. Last year alone, these submarine cables carried 51 billion gigabytes per month. Long story short, these are some very important cables.

Apparently, that fate of the world's internet isn't a primary concern of the ocean's scariest predators. According to Google, asshole sharks are trying to eat their cables.

At a Google Cloud Roadshow event in Boston, Google Cloud product manager Dan Belcher said that Google has had to reinforce their fiber optic cables with a Kevlar-like material, because sharks keep trying to eat them.

Sharks are chomping at underwater fiber optics cables y'all, this is serious.

As Network World points out, it's probably our fault. The electrical emissions from the cables might be tricking the sharks into thinking they've found their next lunch.

Apparently, living creatures aren't the only things that need to watch out for sharks. Come on, sharks, take Bruce's advice – cables are friends, not food!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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