Sharknado 3: Does Global Warming Make It a Hit?

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Sharknado 3 is coming. The third installment of the ridiculous film series starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering is bringing on more guest stars than ever.

Bo Derek is joining Sharknado 3 as Tara Reid's mother, whole David Hasselhoff will play Ian Ziering's father. The jokeof casting two people who made their careers running along the beach was apparently too much to resist.

The cast will also include Jerry Springer, NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick, wrestler Chris Jericho, Mark Cuban, and Ann Coulter.

But to the point: How has Sharknado lasted this long? They certainly didn't expect to. Back in 2013, when the first film was coming to SyFy, Sharknado writer Thinder Levin was asked:

"Has the shark disaster movie run its course, or are we just ramping up?"

Levin replied:

"It’s called Sharknado. I think the shark genre has reached its natural and logical conclusion."

But Levin described the plot of the film with a straight face, insinuating that such a thing just might be feasible.

"In the movie an unprecedented hurricane sweeps up the Pacific coast from Mexico towards L.A. driving all the sharks in this part of the ocean before it. The hurricane floods the streets of L.A., which is woefully unprepared for a hurricane. (Up to this point, it’s all fairly accurate and something we should be thinking about, disaster preparedness-wise). Naturally these floodwaters are filled with sharks! And then, as often happens, the hurricane spins off tornadoes over the ocean. As anyone would expect, the tornadoes suck up thousands of sharks. This all just seems like common sense to me…"

Levin also warned Glenn Beck not to be “one of those sharknado deniers,” saying, “it could happen anywhere, really.”

Then MSNBC got a full dose of Levin's tongue-in-cheek when they asked: “How does someone create something as original as this?”

Levin’s reply might have some people doing a double take.

“You know we just felt it was time that the world was alerted to the perils of global warming and bio-meteorology, so it was just a matter of doing our research and getting the facts out to everybody."

The fact is, people don't understand the weather, and they don't understand climate change. They hear the phrase "global warming," but see the snow falling deeper and more frequently than ever. The idea of freak weather and climate events is just not that far out of the realm of possibility.

Does that mean that people actually believe that a "sharknado" could happen? No. But it does mean that this idea came along at jsut the sort of time that it could possibly have made it three films deep.

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