Shareaholic Browser Report: Safari Is On The Rise

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Shareaholic has released its latest Browser Share Report, which indicates that Safari is creeping up in market share.

The data comes from 250 million web users visiting over 200,000 publishers in Shareaholic's network. Here's how it shook out over the past eight months:

"As someone responsible for a website, you should make it a point to know which the most popular browsers your audience uses are," notes Shareaholic's Danny Wong. "Armed with that information, you can go ahead and build digital experiences that work seamlessly across those specified browsers. The following data reveals the world’s most popular browsers, including their respective market shares and how much those shares have grown or declined since our last published study."

Chrome hasn't seen much movement in recent months, though it still dominates the landscape. Safari's combined share of Safari plus Safari in-app has jumped about five percentage points to approximately 26%. This is attributed to "explosive growth" in Safari in-app usage.

"Last month, Apple announced its Q2 2014 earnings report which revealed earnings that beat Wall Street analyst expectations due to still strong iPhone sales. It is no wonder why Safari is performing so well," notes Wong.

Out of all the browsers analyzed, only Safari's in-app browser and the stock Android browser saw significant growth. Over half of them were actually in decline. Opera Mini's share grew, but at the expense of Opera's desktop browser.

Check out Shareaholic's blog for more visualizations.

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