Share The Story Of Your First Car With Subaru

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Hopefully all of us remember our first car, if not, you may have some better stories to tell than the rest of us. Either way, thinking about your first ride usually brings back some interesting memories. And for many, it occupies a special place in our hearts.... no matter how much of a P.O.S it was. Subaru is hoping you'll share those memories and invite others to share them too.

Alan Bethke, Director of Marketing Communications at Subaru North America explains some about their new site, FirstCarStory.Com:

"Everyone loved their first car, no matter how bad, beat up, or borrowed. That first car became a new chapter in life or a ticket to freedom and first car stories are often the most memorable stories we have,"

"The First Car Story campaign provides a creative outlet for reliving those unique, funny, unforgettable car experiences anyone who had a first car can relate to."

Basically, Subaru has designed software that lets you recreate your first car, and bring it to life with key words and phases that you input. The finished product is an animated experience of your first car and a particular adventure you had in it. You can share the experience with friends via Twitter, email, or Facebook.

Bethke elaborates on the 'first car' experience and how it ties to current Subaru models and brand promotion:

"First car stories are really about loving a car and how it helped you live your life. The crux is that first cars are rarely dream cars; most didn't last and some even let their owners down,"

"At Subaru we know the importance of having a car you can rely on, one that helps you lead a better, fuller life. The all-new 2012 Subaru Impreza is the best, 'first new car' choice. What better way to launch Impreza than to tap into those first car emotions by introducing it as the love that really lasts."

So obviously, it is a marketing ploy, but I think Subaru hit on something powerful with this one. Nothing can fuel an impulse buy like nostalgic feelings from the past. I don't really understand how that can translates into me buying a new Impreza, unless the Impreza is somehow a modern day remanufactured version of a Mercury Topaz.

I'm willing to go as high as five hundred bucks! Thank you Subaru.

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