Share The Android Dev Console With Your Team

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The Android team provides developers a nifty dev console where team leader can track various metrics of their app. This allows them to see how the app is doing while being able to manage various specifics all from one place. The only downside is that if you wanted your whole team to be in on it, you had to share an account and password for access. The Android team is changing that today.

Announcing the change on the Android developers blog, developers on an Anroid app can all sign into the same dev console with their own Google accounts. You heard that right folks, each team member can now have their own separate account access with their own set of restrictions. It's especially useful for large teams where you don't want certain people having access to certain data.

The whole thing works like this: the account creator is the account owner. They are the gatekeeper of the console and allow access only to those deemed worthy. Like a true secret agency, they then are able to divy out varying levels of access to those on the team. Those team members can then sign in with their own google accounts, but only have access to what they've been given.

Since the new features of the dev console are just launching today, you can only limit access to financial reports at this moment. As time goes on, account owners will be able to restrict access to all kinds of features based on their level of clearance.

For more information on the new secret agent level of dev console access, check out the user guide for it. It contains all the information you need to start restricting access like a pro.