Shaq Says He Spends $1000 a Week on Apps

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"I've always been a techie," said Shaq in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal as SXSW. 'I'm not ashamed to say I'm a geek at heart."

Shaq does love his tech–especially social media. Not only is he incredibly active on Twitter and Instagram (and has been for years), but he's on the advisory board of a video startup called Tout. He has both an iPhone and Android device. He's enthusiastic about Google Glass. The techie credentials are there, for sure.

Having said that, I think we need to stage an intervention. His love of tech makes me believe that he is at least close to accurate when he says that he spends a grand a week on apps.

"Honestly, I probably spend $1,000 on apps a week. Yeah, $1,000 on apps a week," said the Big Shaqtus. "Real money. Last week I bought like 20 deer hunter games–like hunting the deer on my phone."

"So, I'm just a geek you know. When I'm not working, I spend all my money on apps," he said.

First off, congratulations for having enough money to spend a grand a week on apps. Also, how the hell does one spend a grand a week on apps?

In other mildly unbelievable Shaq news, Shaq Fu is back. Yes. Shaq Fu is back.

Image via Shaq, Twitter

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