Shaq Buys $235K House 30 Miles From Mansion

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Shaquille O'Neal has enough money to buy whatever he wants, including enormous mansions and a fleet of cars, so when TMZ reported recently that the b-ball star dropped almost a quarter of a million bones on a "regular" house just 30 miles away from his huge pad, people were confused.

Shaq's mansion in Orlando boasts eleven bedrooms, thirteen baths, and its own basketball court, but apparently that wasn't enough; it's reported that in July, he bought a 3,900 square-foot home in Mount Dora, Florida. What has people baffled is the fact that the house is pretty tame compared to his 70,000 square-foot mansion.

Image: TheHollywoodGossip

Some are speculating that Shaq might be using the second home as a place to rendezvous with the ladies, but he has no comment so far.

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