Shapeways Offers New iPhone Case With Sound

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Innovators are sure to love this case. Shapeways has just revealed their new iPhone case and it's loaded with features. The Vibe features SoundCloud integration. If you don't know what soundCloud is, take a look at their website. Essentially it is a place to share and listen to sounds.

Vibe owners can have their favorite sound wave transformed into a plastic 3-D sleeve for their iPhone. The result is a totally unique case that no one can mistake. Creation is simple with Shapeways' new web app that allows consumers to design and transform sound waves into products you can touch. Available in high-gloss white or black, the case can be purchased for an introductory price of twenty bucks.

Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen comments the new case:

"We are really excited to let anyone design their own personalized iPhone case with their favorite sound. The Vibe is literally sound you can touch! This is yet another example of how Shapeways is enabling personalized production using 3D printing."

It sounds exciting and it's definitely a new take on what can be done with sound waves. I like the idea, the iPhone is a truly innovative product so why not pair it with a case that's equally novel? If all your friends have iPhones this will be a great way to distinguish yourself and get crazy with the graphics at the same time. It's kind of a hard concept to explain, but a pictures worth a thousand words. If you're an iPhone owner it might be worth the twenty dollars.

Thanks for the upgrades Shapeways. Can't wait to see this app in action.

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