Shannon Beador: 'RHOC' Star Reveals Husband Cheated On Her

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Shannon Beador brought up a shocking revelation in the season 10 premier of The Real Housewives of Orange County -- her husband, David, had an affair.

While on a couple’s retreat, RHOC's newest recruit turned mournful as she uncovered something about her relationship with David. She acknowledged that her husband of 14 years cheated on her.

"At the time when it should've been the best year of my life, he started an affair”, Shannon admitted during the said couple’s retreat.

On April Fools' Day, Shannon found out that her hubby was cheating on her. She caught David whispering to someone else on the phone and became suspicious about what was happening. Later on, she found hotel receipts in his briefcase and he eventually confessed about the affair.

Before Shannon opened up about the affair, there was someone on the cast of RHOC who knew all about this as well. Tamra Judge confessed her knowledge about the conflict between the two.

“I knew about this last year, I knew that David was having an affair last year”, Tamra admitted.

“My relationship with Shannon is good now because she knew I knew last year (about the affair),” said Tamra.

David had a long-term affair with an unnamed woman which was hidden during the past season of RHOC. Regardless of this fact, the couple still strives to work on their rocky relationship.

Shannon, however, is staying strong amid the turmoil in her family life. She decided to exclude divorce as an option. "I love my family and I will do whatever it takes to keep my family together,” Shannon said.

“I remind myself of the commitment that David has made to both me and our family. He has not only made himself accountable to me, but to everyone who watches the show, and for that, I am grateful beyond words,” Shannon noted during their couple’s retreat.

Shannon has been acting positive despite of all the negative happenings between David and her. She remains hopeful that her marriage will soon be repaired and restored.

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