Shannon Beador: "RHOC" Star Calls Out Hubby's Former Mistress at USC Game

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Shannon Beador was appalled this weekend when hubby David's former mistress, Nicole McMackin, showed up at the USC game they were attending--making her presence known to the couple and their friends. The Real Housewives of Orange County star slammed McMackin in an Instagram post.

"Go Trojans! Cheering with good friends!" Shannon Beador captioned her post. "Sorry @tamrajudge couldn't make it! Someone with no moral compass decided to show up again. Watch reunion part 2 on Monday night and you will understand who I'm talking about. #narcissist #stalker."

A source tells Us Weekly that Nicole McMackin was more than obvious when she first arrived at the game--parading in front of Shannon Beador and her husband.

It was when David and Shannon Beador were leaving the game that the two women came face to face.

"That’s when Shannon calmly said to Nicole, 'You have a lot of nerve being here,'" the observer said.

Shannon Beador's words were met with a, "F—k you," from McMackin.

The altercation continued, infuriating Shannon Beador to the point she returned to her section and yelled, "Nicole is the woman who had an affair with my husband!"

While that wasn't exactly a dignified response, what more can you expect from a Real Housewives of Orange County star?

Nicole McMackin had an eight-months-long affair with Shannon Beador's husband. Beador found out when she heard her husband whispering while on his cell phone. A little investigating on Shannon Beador's part told her all she needed--and probably some that she didn't--to know.

These days Shannon Beador insists there is love and life, even after infidelity--and she hopes she and her husband can serve as an inspiration to other couples who have experienced what they went through.

Love my husband! Having an amazing night at the most incredible restaurant @panxacocina #restored #godisgood

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Clearly Shannon Beador has never heard that old adage, "Once a cheater, always a cheater?"

Will she live to regret her recent words and actions?

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