Shailene Woodley Photographed On "Allegiant" Set In Costume

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Shailene Woodley is one busy girl!

After her immense success with Divergent and Insurgent, Shailene Woodley is busy filming the next installment, Allegiant, which is due to be in theaters on March 18th.

Shailene Woodley recently gave photographers a peak at her Allegiant costume while getting some lunch on set, and she looks amazingly fit.

Of course Shailene Woodley would have to be super fit to take on the action that Tris demands in this role!

Shailene Woodley is not only focused on Allegiant, she is also involved in the upcoming Snowden, which is based on the career of Edward Snowden and how he went from Army recruit to the most wanted man in the world.

— Peter Miles way of portraying him was just perfect. —— Q: Noen på Norway Cup i år? ——

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The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden. Shailene Woodley plays Snowden's girlfriend, Lindsay Mills.

Zachary Quinto, Scott Eastwood and Nicolas Cage are also onboard.

“I wanted to leave. But I fell in love with Tris Prior. I couldn't leave her.” —Tobias Eaton; Insurgent (2015)

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The movie, Snowden, is based off of two different books. The Snowden Files by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena were both consulted to make this movie come to life.

Whether or not Edward Snowden himself will get to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt play him or Shailene Woodley play his girlfriend remains unknown, as Edward Snowden is still hiding in Russia.

He faces 30 years in prison and other forms of serious backlash for leaking classified information about the NSA's spying program.

Are you excited to see Shailene Woodley in her upcoming films?

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