The Underbelly of Facebook: Sex, Schools, & Sandusky

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So often do we here at WebProNews see unsightly or unconventional Facebook-related news float our way. With nearly a billion people on the site, the incidence of Facebook users doing something either Weird, Uncomfortable, Dumb, or outright Perverse becomes all the more likely with each account new registration. Here's a few of the bigger turds that we fished out of the pot today for the depraved side of your sense of curiosity.

  • Nothing says creeptastic like an adult impersonating a teenager on Facebook. You climb up a few creep levels if you're actually a school administrator like this lady and allegedly befriend your students using your adolescent alias.
  • You probably won't get the DTs because of it, but a new study says using sites like Facebook light up the same "reward" parts of your brain that sex, food, and money do. And yes, you can actually suffer withdrawal symptoms.
  • Be glad nobody "pokes" anymore on Facebook because oversharing on Facebook can apparently be as gratifying as sex. Really.
  • To Like or not to Like, that may be the question you need to ask yourself if you Like something on a public page because, according to a U.S. District Court in Virginia, your Likes aren't covered by free speech and, more, it can get you fired.
  • Something sleazy this way comes: In case you forgot that there was a huge pedophilia problem at Penn State's football program, the defense team of Jerry Sandusky, the former coach assistant coach accused of sexually assaulting boys, is trying to gain access to the alleged victim's Facebook accounts (amongst other historical info).
  • Sigh of the times: Yes, you can still serve lawsuits via Facebook pages. Take note, famous people, for you are much less difficult to find.
  • Guess what. Other people can see your Facebook activity so if you're planning to invite rioters to do what they do best - riot - it could land you in jail.
  • Remember that television show Cops? Good, because a Facebook edition will be coming to an internet near you as police department-dedicated Facebook pages, where cops can showcase arrested drunk drivers or post humbling photos of perps doing community service, is apparently a Thing now.
  • Pop quiz: other people can see your Facebook page? If you missed that, go back two spaces. And not only could your posts get you arrested for plotting riots, but it will also get you suspended from school for acting like a racist twerp.
  • Should convicted murderers be allowed to have a Facebook page?
  • Bragging on Facebook about the possibly illegal things you do is the new returning to the scene of the crime.
  • It's spit. That's it.

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