Seven-Year Google Vet Goes To Work For Quantcast

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It's time for another personnel-related announcement, and this morning, Yahoo and Microsoft are off the hook.  Instead, it's Google that someone is quitting, as a longtime employee of the company has decided to leave it in favor of a newly created position at Quantcast.

GoogleJulio Pekarovic most recently held the title of "Vice President, Global Sales Finance Operations" at Google.  He'll now act as Quantcast's CFO.

Given the size of that promotion - it's not every day a VP is put in charge of an entire company's assets - this development shouldn't prove too embarrassing for Google.  Still, it appears that Pekarovic's departure will represent a real loss.

Quantcast's statement announcing the move indicated, "While at Google, [Pekarovic] founded, developed and directed the organization responsible for supporting the operational finance activities of Google's Global Sales Force and Business Development teams."

Also, "Working closely with the Global SVP of Sales and CFO, Mr. Pekarovic helped grow Google's annual revenue two hundred times to $21.8 billion and oversaw the global sales finance organization of 200+ finance professionals, supporting a sales force across 60+ worldwide sales offices for Google's multiple business lines."

Anyway, Pekarovic will now report straight to Quantcast's cofounder and CEO, Konrad Feldman, and a hat tip goes to Robin Wauters.

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