Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Star in New Movie: Neighbors


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Funny man Seth Rogen is making us laugh again-or so we hope. The Knocked Up actor stars in the 2014 comedy with Bridesmaids' Rose Bryne playing a happily married couple with a newborn baby. Things are great for the young couple until their neighboring home gets turned into a fraternity house. Zac Efron plays the ringleader of the crazy fraternity who slowly begins to terrorize his home-body neighbors.

So I must admit after watching the trailer, I felt that having the tables turned on Rogen as an actor is a bit off-putting. I mean, he's usually the character in the movie whos up to no good-not the one receiving the pranks! Since when did Rogen become the mature one?

My other qualm with this trailer is that Zac Efron is the one doing the punking.Yes, this is the same guy from High School Musical. And yeah, he's a lot hunkier since those singing Disney days, but Zac Efron? That's the best collegiate prankster the Neighbors can come up with?

While I'm sure a lot of us aren't familiar with Efron tickling our funnybone, Rogen had nothing but positive things to say about his comedic performance.

"He was really good at [improvising], and was really super funny in the movie, which is annoying, because he's super handsome too. I don't know how many points we've got to give this kid."

Catch the trailer below.

I was surprised to see actress Bryne playing opposite Rogen as his lovely wife, While we all know she's capable of making us laugh after staring in Bridesmaids and Get Him to the Greek, her casting was still unexpected.

"We tried to approach the story the husband and wife a little differently than they currently generally do in these movies, in that we're really on the same team for a lot of it. Also, it's not just they guy coping with the demands of maturity."

Will this film about maturity actually nail a relationship as something audiences don't usually see?

Rogen continued saying, "she wants to have fun and is struggling with not being able to [do so] just as much if not more than I am in the movie."

So what do you think of this movie? Will it be a hit or bust? Either way, you can check out Neighbors in theaters May 9 of next year.

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