Seth Meyers: 'Late Show' Debut Review

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If you are a fan of Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live, you most likely enjoyed his debut on Late Night.

Meyers replaced Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. Fallon had a great run as the Late Night host with popular segments such as The History of Rap and Slow-jamming the News. He made his debut appearance as The Tonight Show’s host on February 17 with guests Will Smith and U2, as well as appearances from Robert De Niro, Kim Kardashian, Seth Rogen, Lady Gaga, and Stephen Colbert.

Meyers’ first appearance as the host of Late Night garnered mixed reviews from audiences. He was able to transition his SNL persona to the talk show format smoothly, but based on some reviews, he still has to learn the ropes of delivering monologues. However, he did a good job “talking.” According to The Los Angeles Times, Meyers’ monologue was similar in style to his headline segment, Weekend Update.

The debut show’s guests were Meyers’ friend Amy Poehler, another SNL alum, and Vice President Joe Biden. Poehler and Meyers were amusing to watch as they targeted insults at each other. Vice President Biden was also a delight, as he seemed comfortable, most likely because of Poehler’s presence. Poehler has already worked with the Vice President when she asked him to do a cameo on her show Parks and Recreation. The show was capped off with a musical performance by A Great Big World.

Darren Franich from Entertainment Weekly also gave his opinion on the show, giving it a “B.” He said that he laughed more with Fallon’s The Tonight Show, but laughed at Meyers’ more than he did at Fallon.

Just like other late night hosts, Meyers will be flying solo but has the support of friends. Fred Armisen, also a SNL alum, in leading the Late Night band. Armisen’s humor meshes well with Meyers’, probably because of their years together in SNL. Overall, critics say that Meyers’ had a good Late Night Debut.

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