Seth MacFarlane Upsets Oscar Viewers With Song

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Seth MacFarlane seemed an odd choice to host the Oscars for many, being the mastermind behind decidedly family-unfriendly shows like "Family Guy" and "American Dad"; he sure didn't disappoint those who had their doubts last night when he began the show with a musical number devoted to whose boobs we've all seen and peppered the night's comedy with sexist and homophobic jokes.

The web is buzzing today about the opening number--"We Saw Your Boobs"--and the subsequent reactions from some of the audience members he called out, including Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron. But the clips of both actresses shown in the audience appear to be from past awards shows; Watts is wearing a totally different dress and has her hair styled differently than she did the rest of the night (though the man sitting beside her does offer a pointed look at her chest when she's on camera).

Still, even if the reactions from the actual actresses weren't real, the song didn't get a lot of love from Twitter users. Some are pointing out today that several of the scenes MacFarlane references were rape scenes and say his use of them as comedy was disrespectful.

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