SES Keynote: New Rules Of Marketing

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David Meerman Scott, author, of "World Wide Rave," gave a keynote on the new rules of marketing and PR.

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He says the goal is to get the attention of others and "we are all about attention." He says people are fearful about embracing new ideas such as social media. If you worry people will say bad things about you, they already are, and by avoiding it you only make it worse. Says Toyota was not slammed for their car recall but for their lack of communication.

David-Meerman-Scott New rule: Earn attention by creating great information via blogs and social media. Get customers/ others to create content for you. "On the web, you are what you publish," Scott said.

"If you have crappy content and you take it and search engine optimize it, you have slightly less crappy content."

How can you encourage people to share content?

Word of mouth

Nobody cares about your products, they care about themselves and what works for them.

Speak in a buyer persona language to your customers instead of marketing language. He says too many companies speak is like some kind of cult. Calls the language gobbledygook.

 Talks about the key highlights from his ebook "New Rules of Viral Marketing."

*Put down roots
*Create trigger that encourages people to read
*Point world to virtual doorstep (that allows them to create content)

WebProNews anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.

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