Sergey Brin's Love Life Gets The NMA Treatment

IT Management

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Rumors and reports of affairs at Google are nothing new. Last year, it was reported that Eric Schmidt had numerous mistresses despite being married to Wendy Boyl. Now a new report is out on an even bigger affair involving Google co-founder Sergey Brin, his ex-wife, his girlfriend and his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.

It's no secret that Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki split last year. What was a secret until now was one of the reasons behind the split - Brin's affair with another Google employee. Vanity Fair reports that Amanda Rosenberg, who was once dating Android's vice president of product management, Hugo Barra, left him in favor of Brin. Barra left Google shortly thereafter, but his resignation was reportedly filed before they split up.

Brin's romance may be the central subject of the Vanity Fair piece, but it does touch upon the dating culture at Google. Unlike most workplaces, Google doesn't seem to mind if its employees date and some sources say there are "hundreds of 'Google Couples' among its global offices."

All of this and more has been captured in a new report from our favorite Taiwanese animators. Like the Vanity Fair piece, it mostly concerns itself with Brin's relationship with Rosenberg; but there is a bit on the casual romance club going on Google.

Image via Taiwanese Animators/YouTube