Sergey Brin At Google I/O Wearing Google Glasses

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It's Google's day to shine with their developer event (Google I/O, of course) going on in San Francisco, and while people wait for Google to announce the next big thing to coming down their pipes, the fact that Sergey Brin has been walking around in Google Glasses might give us an idea of where the company sees itself in a few years. Until then, however, we can live vicariously through Brin.

As pointed out by folks who are in attendance, Brin has been spotted wearing the Google Glass headset, although, pictures of him at the Google I/O with his Google Glasses on haven't been taken and/or released yet. The lead image was taken when the headset first appeared. The find was pointed out on Twitter:

In case you're wondering what, exactly, one can do if they decide they want to purchase a pair of Google Glasses, the following video gives us an idea of what users can expect:

Considering how much information Google has, and will have on their users after Android users update their devices to include Google Now, Google's answer to Apple's Siri, is giving that kind of access to your day-to-day lives, provided you're wearing the Google Glass headset all day, something you're comfortable with?

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