Senior Prostitution Ring Busted at Nursing Facility

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Police in New Jersey have arrested two residents of the Vicente K. Tibbs Senior Citizen Building in Englewood, New Jersey for running a prostitution ring for their fellow residents.

According to a New Jersey Record report, 75-year-old James Parham and 66-year-old Cheryl Chaney were charged for possessing drug paraphernalia and "maintaining a drug nuisance." Parham allegedly provided residents of the nursing facility with access to crack-addicted prostitutes.

Residents had been complaining to police about the "drunks and addicts" that could be found wandering the facility. Stories from residents recalled non-residents sleeping it off in the lounge, used condoms being found in the recreation room, and late night disturbances that caused residents to lock themselves in their rooms. An undercover police investigation uncovered the wave of crime that had swept the building.

Police have now begun to patrol the entry to the building, turning away vagrants or arresting them for trespassing. The facility is funded by the Englewood Housing Authority, which has stated that it does not have the funds to provide security guards for the building.

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