Selfies at Funerals: The Latest Teen Craze

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For anyone hoping that the selfie phase would end sometime soon--don't count on it. There's a new selfie trend now, which involves taking photos of oneself making awkward or otherwise ridiculous faces at funerals. Yep, funerals. A place where people gather to mourn the loss of a loved one has now become the popular place for teens to take silly photos of themselves to share with the world.

If there ever was a time to mutter "kids these days," it's now. A Tumblr blog called Selfies at Funerals has collected quite a few of the inappropriate pictures posted to Instagram and Facebook and has put them up for everyone to see. (Which is what the kids wanted, anyway, right?)

The Tumblr blog was released earlier this week by Jason Feifer, a senior editor at Fast Company. We're not sure whether the Selfies at Funerals blog is about making a statement about the narcissism that runs rampant in the younger generation or if it's just for fun. Either way, here are a few of the funeral selfies that just might make you lose all hope in humanity:




The owner of the Selfies at Funerals page also has another Tumblr dedicated to selfies taken at serious places that was launched at the end of August. Selfies at Serious Places has quite a few equally cringe-worthy selfie posts, including one guy doing the thumbs up selfie at a Holocaust memorial. It's disheartening to know that there were enough funeral selfies out there to warrant the creation of another blog.

The Selfies at Funeral blog has been met with quite a bit of shock and disappointment on Twitter:

[Images via WikiMedia Commons and Tumblr]

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