Selfie, Twerk Additions Narrated by Morgan Freeman

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Respected actor Morgan Freeman had the dubious privilege of reading the definition of twerk this morning on HLN. Twerking received recent celebrity status with references to Miley Cyrus' performance at this week's VMA's.

Freeman helped announce recent additions to Oxford Online Dictionaries, which the group announced in its August update. The new additions are a collection of buzzworthy tech, fashion and foodie terms as well as acronyms and word blends such as jorts (a blend of jeans and shorts).

Known for his award-winning film career and distinguished voice, Freeman appeared on the program to promote current projects. He offered his views on current race relations and said that during the March on Washington, being celebrated today for its 50th anniversary, he was working at the post office in San Francisco.

[Image/Video courtesy of YouTube]