Selena Gomez On The Movie That Made Her Feel Like A "Real Actress"

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Selena Gomez spoke recently about what it takes to make her grow as a performer, and while the answer may seem simple, she says it can be uncomfortable at times.

The 22-year old former Disney Channel star said that her new movie, Rudderless, gave her a chance to shine in a smaller role and that was just fine with her. Working alongside veteran actors like William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman was a chance to better learn her craft.

"I would rather be in a smaller part and learn from people like Bill, Felicity, and Billy [Crudup]. That makes me a better actress. Even though I feel like it can be uncomfortable sometimes, that's honestly what's going to make me grow," she told Us Weekly."I'm extremely lucky. I could be doing certain films that I'm comfortable doing. I love to push myself. I can't say I got this role because of who I am. I got this in spite of who I am. That's what I love about acting. I can escape from the madness. This project in particular made me feel like I get to be a real actress."

Gomez found herself in the headlines this week after on-again-off-again flame Justin Bieber shared a photo on social media of her kissing his shoulder, which ignited rumors that the two were an item once more. But earlier this year, she told Seventeen Magazine that she hadn't yet found a guy who was able to handle her lifestyle.

“I actually talked to Katy Perry about guys who are intimidated by strong girls. I haven’t found someone yet who could understand my lifestyle, support it, love me through it, and not be threatened by it. It’s hard," she said.

Rudderless marks William H. Macy's directorial debut and premieres on the 17th.

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