Selena Gomez Meets Up With Justin Bieber, Reportedly 'Upset' He Didn't Try to Win Her Back

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Selena Gomez is reportedly "upset" after Justin Bieber did not try to "win her back" during a meet up in Los Angeles this week.

According to Hollywood Life, instead of confessing his undying love for Selena Gomez, all Justin Bieber could find to talk about was himself, presumably all pumped up about his Calvin Klein ads.

"It was a huge disappointment for Selena because he's basically the same Justin... all talk and all talk basically about himself," a source told the magazine. "He was bragging about himself the whole time, and how 2015 was going to be his best and most successful year ever.

"Selena thought he was going to try and win her back and profess his undying love, but he didn't."

The source believe Selena Gomez is beating herself up for having gone to meet with him because is has "ripped open an old wound."

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"Selena's upset that she even saw him and she doesn't want any of her friends judging her. It's not like she jumped back into his arms.

"He knew she was staying at Sunset Towers and left a bunch of messages for her so she said she would meet him to talk. But it was bittersweet, that's it. It's like she ripped open an old wound, when she should have just left it alone."

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Even though Selena Gomez' date with her former boyfriend was a bust, she is trying to "stay focused" on what's important.

"She's trying to not beat herself up and just stay positive and focused. She says she's only human and it's true," said the source.

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