Selena Gomez: Did She Cause The Bieber, Bloom Fight?


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Selena Gomez has apparently had enough of Justin Bieber and hasn’t even talked to him since he got in a fight with Orlando Bloom at a restaurant last week.

The exact reason Bloom and Bieber got into a fight is not clear but most people think it has something to do with the women in their lives.

Bieber has bragged about being with Bloom's ex Miranda Kerr and rumor has it that Gomez and Bloom have done some flirting as well.

Selena wasn’t happy with the fight and apparently wants nothing to do with Bieber and his jealous and childish ways. A source close to Bieber says that the real reason the two stars haven’t talked is because Gomez caused the fight.

“He has been in zero contact with Selena over this incident,” the source said. “And is in no rush to talk to her about it.”

Bieber and Bloom got physical during their fight, but they were broken up before it could get out of hand. Bieber allegedly ran off after he was punched by Bloom. Bieber isn’t happy about the way the incident was handled and is willing to fight Bloom if he ever gets the chance.

He even attempted to aggravate Bloom more by posting a photo of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram account the same evening as the fight. Bieber later removed the photo but the chances are that Bloom saw what he had posted.

Bieber’s lack of respect for Bloom will only make the feud last longer and the two men will likely brawl it out before they apologize to each other.

“He thinks Orlando is nothing, a guy who can’t keep his girl,” a source close to Bieber said. “He is laughing about the whole situation and putting up the pic of Miranda was one reason he showed that. If his people didn’t tell him to take it down, it still would be up. He is not threatened by Orlando at all, and he thinks that Orlando is less of a man than him.”

Bieber and Bloom have been avoiding each other since the fight, but they both narrowly missed each other and another possible fight, at the same restaraurant on Friday.

Do you think either of the celebrities will let things calm down or will this be a celebrity feud that just keeps going?

Image via Wikimedia Commons